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Varietal Wine of Spain

Once upon a time...

in a land far, far away, lived a deer that loved the spring above all things in the world. Nevertheless, the deer lived in a very cold land where there was no sun and the flowers never sprout out. He passed 360 long nights dreaming with the appealing aromas of the spring. One night, the deer dreamed with a magic pig. He approached him flying and asked, ARE YOU READY FOR THE WINE FUN? Shortly after, the deer started to feel a strange warmth on his body and soon was dazzled by an intense light coming from the sky. Colorful flowers blooming on his antlers and the sexy aromas of ripe fruit impregnated all the place. The never-ending spring had arrived to the farm!


Tasting Note
This wine has an intense deep purple color with a brighter rim. This has dense mature red fruits, plums, currants and some grape liqueur accompanied by notes of bottle ageing (flint and smoke) which dissipate as it gains air along with some hints of toast.


A great match with wasabi pea tofu or strong cheese.

Grape varieties: Tempranillo & Garnacha (AKA Grenache)

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‘La Granja 1080 value-wise is hard to beat right now’



The Cariñena wine region is a good source of approachable and value-driven wines.This is a significantly meatier wine which has some spicy oak and rich juicy dark fruit flavours. Serve with Venison or spicy meat dishes.


Irish Examiner, November 2014

vintage 2009

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