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NAME: Macy
LIVES AT: Southern California Shelter
HISTORY: 4-H Survivor
FAVOURITE FOOD: Apples & Pears
DATE RESCUED: August 1, 2008
PROUD PARENTS: La Granja 360
ADOPTION DATE: May 22, 2014

Macy is our adorable adopted piggy living in the Southern California Shelter of the US organization ‘Farm Sanctuary’. 
She stands out by her lovely character and great appetite for apples and pears – her favourite food. She’s friendly with visitors who welcomes with a somehow funny pose of celebrity – obviously likes to be on the spotlight =)

Her story is the story of a heroine surviving the abuses of animal farming speculation. She was the "guinea pig" of an educational program within the pig farming industry where after having served for experimentation, pigs are often sold out in fairs.

La Granja 360 helps Macy to live happy!

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