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Why does a zebra have stripes? 

A recent study of the University of California shows that the only factor which is highly associated with stripping is to ban biting flies.

Pigs are smarter than dogs!

Winston Churchill famously said “Dogs look up to man. Cats look down to man. Pigs look us straight in the eye and see an equal.”


Pink or white flamingos? :O

These incredible birds get their coloring directly from their diet. Some are almost fully white, while others are a vibrant shade of pink – it all depends on what they eat. So it's all about the diet!

Enjoy your picnic parties with La Granja 360 wines!

Oh man, this is GOOD!

Get to know our winemaker in Cariñena DO!

What do peacocks mean for Indians? 

The Indians see a Peacock as a symbol of royalty and divinity and therefore they chose it as their National Bird. The Indians use it as well as weather forecaster. They believe whenever      a peacock spreads its tail, it indicates that rain is imminent.

Ducks and 'feng shui'.

The Mandarin ducks symbolize the energy of love and life long devotion in China and Japan, thus their image is used as a traditional Chinese feng shui cure for love & marriage.


The “Rooster of Moron”.

The rooster is one of the most common creatures in Cuba. One of the most celebrated ones is the Rooster of Moron - warning to those who mistreat people. This symbol came from a legend imported from  Seville, Spain, where there is a town called Moron.  Because of this, he became known as the “Rooster of Moron”.

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