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These innovative wines will, above all, be entertaining, surprising and pleasing. La Granja 360 will bring happiness to you and to the world of wine.


Since La Granja 360 is a revolutionary brand in the traditional wine standards, it is a 360º turn in the world of wine.

Where there's always the fun


A 'Three Sixty' move


“La Granja 360” is the Spanish name for “The Farm 360” and finds its origin in the “Three Sixty” move of skateboarding.  A Three Sixty is when a skateboarder and his board turn 360º, when the skater lands he is facing his original direction again.

The images of different animals highlight these everyday wines that will brighten your day  from the moment you see them.


The idea of using animals for the labels came out from the designer’s - Enrique Torrijos - mind and his fantastic view on the animal world. As he describes it, he was raised in a small village, where he used to visit the barnyards of his neighbours to discover flying pigs, speaking donkeys, beautifully coloured cows and hens with golden eggs using his childish imagination. These thoughts were his inspiration for designing theLa Granja 360 family.

A fantastic view on the animal world

What some happy wine experts say:  

“A very pleasing everyday wine”

“ La Granja 360 Tempranillo-Garnacha is the kind of wine that keeps you reaching for another sip, you might not have started out all that thirsty, but the La Granja 360 keeps you coming back for more”


Wine Talk

“These unoaked offerings from La Granja In de D.O. of Cariñena deliver surprising value”


Robert Parker -  The Wine Advocate

“A definite bargain that I’ll be buying again soon”


Trader Joe’s Wine Compendium

"La Granja 360 Tempranillo. We love it when we find a budget wine that really packs a value punch."



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