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Varietal Wine of Spain

Once upon a time...

in a land far, far away, there was a Flamingo that dreamed of a far, far away flower oasis. One night, a flying pig approached him asking, ARE YOU READY FOR THE WINE FUN? Suddenly, delicate pink flowers sprouted from the palm trees and waterfalls of bright colors flowed, bringing a soft breeze of red fruits that transformed his feathers into graceful rose petals.

Tasting note
This has definitely become a real Flamingo of the La Granja 360 family with its lively rosé color. The powerful and remarkably floral and fruity bouquet highlights the scents of the Garnacha grape. An entirely vegan wine that has not used any animal products in its production process.


Best served with pasta dishes with vegetables and quinoa burgers.

Grape varieties: Garnacha (AKA Grenache).



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Awards & acknowledgments:  

“A very pleasing everyday wine”

“ La Granja 360 Tempranillo-Garnacha is the kind of wine that keeps you reaching for another sip, you might not have started out all that thirsty, but the La Granja 360 keeps you coming back for more”


Wine Talk

“These three unoaked offerings from La Granja In de D.O. of Cariñena deliver surprising value”


Robert Parker -  The Wine Advocate

Awards & acknowledgements:  







‘This Rosé hero deserves a special consideration'



In a time when the interest for rosé wine is shooting up across the globe, La Granja 360 Rosado represents a great value for the market. It is a carefully eleborated rosé that unveils a new world for the senses!'


The year of the Rosé

Axial Vinos News, April 2014

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