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NAME: Lola
LIVES AT: Northern California Shelter
HISTORY: Change of Heart Survivor
PERSONALITY: Sweet and Energetic
DATE RESCUED: July 9, 2015

PROUD PARENTS: La Granja 360
ADOPTION DATE: March 30, 2016


Animal husbandry projects through programs like Future Farmers of America (FFA) and 4-H typically end with participants auctioning off the animals they have raised, knowing that their erstwhile companions will be headed to slaughter. The process is a lesson in desensitization that a high school student named Bruno decided to reject.

Lola pig the pig he was raising through his school’s FFA program, Bruno recognized that she was someone, not something. More than that, she was his friend. There was no way he could send her to her death.

When Bruno reached out to Farm Sanctuary for help, we gladly agreed to welcome Lola to our Northern California Shelter. After riding with Lola on the journey from Orange County to Orland, Bruno was by her side as she began to explore her new home. At day’s end, the two shared a leave-taking that was not “goodbye” but “see you later.”

Thanks to one student who chose to learn that a pig’s life is precious, not disposable, Lola now has wonderful life ahead of her — and the chance to teach countless others that important lesson.

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