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NAME: Maggie
LIVES AT: New York Shelter
HISTORY: Mother Rescued from Abuse
PERSONALITY: Loving & Happy
DATE RESCUED: December 24, 2015

PROUD PARENTS: La Granja 360
ADOPTION DATE: March 30, 2016


Maggie holds the distinction of being the first baby born at the NY shelter of Farm Sanctuary and also the first baby born from the animals rescued from Hudson Valley; mom Olive arrived pregnant and with her other children, Roger and Jennifer, who looked to be close to a year old.  

Maggie was born in the magic night of Christmas Eve and within less than 24 hours the girl was jumping — and doing the happy dance — not a care in the world, the way it should be!

Maggie seems to be a combination of all her family members rolled into one amazing ball of cute energy. Like her sister and brother, she is a jumper who bops from bale to bale and runs at full speed — wanting to play as much as she can.

They all seem to also have gotten this skill set from mom originally, however. And speaking of mom, she is also no slouch in the parkour arena! Mom is a jumper and is known to hit the walls much like Maggie, but with a bit more weight behind her. She also gets air when she is playing with Maggie and the kids. Definitely a kid at heart.

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